“The true guardians of this place are our centuries-old olive trees that placidly observe the changing seasons and the passing of time”


Hortulanus, owned by the Steinberg family, is located in Podere Bugnanese, a completely renovated rural complex that stretches over twenty hectares in the Seggianese countryside. It is from the love for this land and from the dynamic relationship existing between the natural environment and the organisms that live in it, that Hortulanus has found the secret of its precious products.
The oil, wines and other products of the garden of Hortulanus are the true, simple and natural fruit of a land that knows how to give excellence only to those who respect it and listen to it with attention and love.
The company produces a Rosso Doc Maremma Toscana and from 2013 a selected line of four naturally fermented wines from Merlot, Cabernet franc, Sangiovese grapes and a “Bio” and “Seggiano Dop” certified organic olive oil from Seggianese “Jill Georges”.
Hortulanus is also the ideal place where you can spend unforgettable holidays in close contact with unspoiled nature, rich in smells and natural scents. Hortulanus overlooks Castle Potentino and opens its gaze on the pretty village of Seggiano. Hortulanus also has many other comforts such as a tasting room where you can comfortably taste the company’s products.
From Podere Bugnanese it is easy to reach Monte Amiata, as well as the famous villages of Montalcino, Pienza and Val d’Orcia.