“The secular olive trees cultivated in this enchanted place, on the slopes of Mount Amiata, have given us precious fruits that we turned into an oil of extraordinary quality”


Thirteen hectares of Olivastra Seggianese embrace Podere Bugnanese, designing an extraordinary landscape context. They are centuries-old olive trees rich in history and that give a unique and rare oil.
Presented for the first time in 2009, “Jill Georges” the extra virgin olive oil of the Hortulanus company, a certified product “Biologico” and “Seggiano Dop“. From the quality of the oil to the originality of the packging, “Jill Georges” is the company’s flagship product, the perfect synthesis of the values in which Hortulanus recognizes itself. With a fruity, fresh and vegetal flavor, the Hortulanus oil is able to give a quality to be appreciated particularly both raw, and in the typical dishes of the Mediterranean diet. Today it is possible to find it in the best gastronomic guides of the sector and in exclusive restaurants in Italy and abroad.




The “Olivastra Seggianese” is a plant resistant to low winter temperatures that has been able to survive the foothills of Mount Amiata, an ancient extinct volcano, at a height between 300 and 650 m.s.l.m. The plants are large, with imposing foliage, characterized by high vegetative vigor, still grown in the traditional way, with small olives and big stones, but characterized by a high oil yield.
The pruning of the plants, and the harvesting of the olives, has always been done by hand, but in recent years, thanks to technological improvements, the company has been equipped with electric combs. This is sustainable from an environmental point of view, allowing us to respect the plants and the olives. It also reduces the time between the harvesting and the pressing that takes place at the end of the harvesting day, at a certified Seggiano Dop and Biological mill.
Hortulanus owns only Olivastra Seggianese olive trees, with a small percentage, from 3 to 5% of other varieties called “Giogliai”, which are male olives necessary for pollination of Olivastra Seggianese.
Der Feinschmecker
“The international gourmet magazine”
2012 Edition – Among the best 250 selected oils
2013 Edition – Among the best 200 selected oils
2018 Edition – Among the best 250 selected oils
BIOL International Prize
2012 Edition – Silver medal
2013 Edition – Gold medal
New York International Olive Oil Competition
2013 Edition – Gold e Silver award
2016 Edition – Silver award
2017 Edition – Gold award
2018 Edition – Gold award
Copenhagen Cooks Extra Virgin
2016 Edition – In the list of awarded competitors, score 8.5 out of 10
International Competition “Monocultivaroliveoil BIO”
Gold 2013 and Best Packaging of the year 2013
Gold 2016 and Best Packaging of the year 2016
Gold 2018 and Best Packaging of the year 2018
International Packaging Competition Verona
20th edition contest 2016 – bronze label
category 11 “Packs of extra virgin olive oil”
Olive Japan International Olive Oil Competition
Gold medal award 2018
Enolia Oil Award
2018 Edition – I ° classified intense fruity category
Flos Olei
Entry to guide year 2019
The extra-virgin olive oil Seggiano DOP biological Hortulanus was chosen by the Enoteca Pinchiorri of Florence, a world-renowned multi-star restaurant.
Biological agriculture
Organic farm certified by the control and certification body SUOLO and SALUTE srl, operator code n.40145, code ODC IT-BIO-004
Seggiano D.O.P.
Company registered in the Consortium of extra virgin olive oil Seggiano D.O.P. and certified by the control and certification body CCPB srl



The Jill Georges oil can be found in four different formats. From 750 ml which is the largest size to 100 ml, the smallest size.